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Friday, August 5, 2011

Hi-point 995TS Carbine Review

You definitely get the most bang for your buck with this quality carbine. Ive put about 500 rounds through it and I've had absolutely no issues during regular fire speed.

However, the weapon has struggled with rapid fire, after 3 or 4 shots of rapid fire, the weapon will not chamber a round and you will have to manually pull the bolt and load a round yourself. Yet it is a negligible kink for a weapon i picked up for under $300 IN CALIFORNIA

The Hipoint is also offered in .40 and .45 and i would assume it is also an excellent quality gun. 

Now i know that Hi-points pistols are known to be sub par, but they did something right with this carbine, it is consistent, accurate, reliable and with the new TS model, comes with rails in effective locations on the weapon. Overall, for the price, this gun is an amazing deal and is a blast to shoot :)

Below is the consistency of the weapon, im about 10-15 yards away from the targets and im using a red dot scope and forehandle.

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