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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Top Shot Episode 2 Video AK47

The blue team is doing everything they can to prepare for the team event, while the red team sits there and laughs, yet, if i remember correctly, the red team LOST and theyre the ones who need the most practice xD

Using the infamous AK 47, the top shot contestants tested the durability of the weapon. Red teams practice was phenomenal and everyone was nailing the bullseyes. The red team actually learned from blue and created scenario shooting during practice. This is easily the most skilled, prepared and intelligent field of contestants ive seen in the 3 seasons of top shot :D



Jake takes more assertive tones, yet Gary is understood more by his teammates and will therefore avoid drama and the house and earn his teammates respect more, not only that, but he was chosen as the experts pick in the practice while jake was not x) Leaders that have had complaints similar to Jake's have always produced drama with teammates, *AHEM* JAY xD in setup for the team challenge, Jake took charge, but in a football coach manner, these people arent children stop bossing them around xD now i do admire he has the guts to direct these people properly but tone it down a bit, youll only push them away xD

They created a long and brutal course for these contestants xD once again, the women are weaaaakkK!!!  Sara needs 4 shots to take out her target and takes forever!!!! to shoot xD but gary, being the old man that he is, goes down in the mud pit and the blue team catches up xP and jake takes a huge dive into a pool that is about 2 feet deep and its pretty scary but it doesnt seem like anything happened to him xD and chris wins it solo for the red team!!!! losers prevail xD all that training and yelling didnt pay off this week for jake xD thats the bad thing about being an assertive leader is jake may be put up for elimination not for his performance, but out of annoyance from his teammates, and thats EXACTLY what Sara suggests -.- did i call that or what? xD

and JAKE decides to act like a child, just because he lost, cussin and screamin at the red team for going around and giving handshakes. He is EXTREMELY immature and i dont see him being in the house for too long -.- his actions are extremely embarrassing as the representative for the blue team. Its the second episode and i already wat them to get rid of Jake, hes bringing the whole team down, despite his good intentions.

As for the elimination, ill let you guys watch the video and see who goes home this week x) But i will tell you that the elimination challenge uses one of the BEST weapons there is and the challenge is tough x)

watch the episode here :D

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