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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sons Of Guns Meat Chopper

Looks amazing right? x) four, thats right FOUR! German MG42s mounted and firing together. Thats about 4800 rounds per minute!!!

Too bad it didnt work xD This is Red Jacket Firearms first failure at building a weapon as described on time, and its very surprising, but good that discovery chooses to air failed projects as well :) however, i wouldnt consider it a complete failure, because the customer did get to shoot TWO MG42s at one time, which is pretty friggin amazing x) and if that wasnt cool enough, he gets to shoot at one of the most exciting targets ive ever seen x) leave it to Red Jacket firearms to turn a failed attempt into a satisfied customer x) cant wait to see next weeks episode x)

Check out the firing of the weapon below x) ENJOY :D

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